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BlackWidow web browser The Browser
  • The embedded web browser allow you to navigate to the page you wish to start the scan.

  • It allow you to login to a website requiring authentication.

  • View the page source code to facilitate building your filters.

  • View the source of all or any frames and iframes in the page.

BlackWidow web SnapShot Take a snapshot of the web page
  • Create an image of the full page and save it as a jpg or bmp.

  • Create a thumbnail of the web page.

  • User defined image width and height of the thumbnail.

  • Real-time preview will resizing the window.

  • Bicubic image resampler create sharper thumbnail images.

BlackWidow scan filters Control your scans using filters
  • Use filters to exclude what you don't want to scan when scanning everything.

  • Use filters to include what you need when not scanning everything.

  • Take control of what the parser see by modifying the page before parsing.

  • Substitute bad links for another when seeking for the best one, as in "the largest image".

  • Filters are easy to understand, they are in plain English.

BlackWidow scanner Status of your scan
  • View exactly what BlackWidow is scanning for each connection.

  • Connection details lets you see where it's at and how long it'll take to complete.

  • Download while scanning, or scan only and download later.

  • Slow down your scan on "spider sensitive" websites as if a human was browsing.

BlackWidow structure Website structure
  • View the website directory structure in an Explorer like window.

  • Easily find what you need to download, or simply study the site layout.

  • Use the "Files" selection dialog to perform task on the listed files.

  • Export to plain text, tab delimited, as html links, as image links or xml.

BlackWidow NetSpy Network Spy (NetSpy)
  • Spy on any programs accessing the Internet and view every links they load.

  • Apply filters to discard what you don't want NetSpy to include.

  • Save the found links in the Structure so you can download them later.

  • Works for any programs, browsers and all. It is truly a "Spy".

BlackWidow scripting engine Scripting engine for the expert
  • Control your scan at 100% using the scripting engine solely designed by SoftByte Labs.

  • Uses a combinations of Basic, Pascal, javascript and more you've never seen before.

  • For every events fired by BlackWidow, your script is called, and you decide what to do.

  • Includes a debug window to output anything you like in it, such as info found from online stores, real estate agents information, titles and keywords and much more. You decide.

  • SBL (Spider Bot Language) is also used in our programmable spider BrownRecluse. It is an OOP language and is very easy to learn.

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