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BlackWidow is a state-of-the-art web site scanner for both, experts and beginners (novice).

What can it do?
BlackWidow scans websites (it's a site ripper). It can download an entire website, or download portions of a site. It is not restricted to downloads, it can build a site structure first, then download later, you select what to download.

What can it download?
BlackWidow can download everything from youtube videos to deviantart pictures and images. It is not restricted to videos and pictures, it can download any and all kind of files.

Scripting Engine:
The integrated scripting engine exclusively designed by SoftByte Labs is an easy to learn and use programing language to facilitate scanning 'hard to scan' sites. It allows you to control the scan by trapping the scanner event so you can process the request yourself. The SBL programming language is as easy, if not easier, than Basic and Pascal. The syntax can use Basic, Pascal and javascript (or mixed) so you can program in the way you like.

User Friendly:
The GUI is simple and easy to understand. No complex settings and not too many settings to confuse the user.

NetSpy (Network Spy):
Capture the URL of every files and pages from any program accessing the Internet. The BlackWidow NetSpy is a great tool to spy on a program and see which sites and URLs it is accessing.

SnapShot (Web page snap shot):
Create an image from a web page of any size. The BlackWidow page SnapShot lets you capture the displayed page into a thumbnail or a full size image. Not only the current view, but the whole page, even if it is 20 pages long.

Windows Explorer like site view:
View the site structure as if you were viewing it in Windows Explorer. No need to download the files. Run a quick scan, then download only the files you want. That's easy!

Powerful scan filters:
The 'Click and Choose' filters are easy to use and understand. They use plain English to describe what they do. Use them to restrict your scan, or the other way around, use them to only scan what you need. They can only call your script for decision making.

Expendable parser:
The Filters and the Scripting engine also lets you parse a web page for links, or modify the page before BlackWidow parses it. This is extremely useful when trying to find links embedded in javascript, or even encoded links. Furthermore, it may be used to convert thumbnails into full sizes images by simply removing the 'thumb' portion of the URL (this is only one example of many).

Wildcards & Regular Expressions:
BlackWidow can use 'Plain text', 'Wildcards' and 'Regular Expressions' to search a document, not just for links, but for anything you need. Plain text it the most basic, wildcards are a little better, but Regular Expressions are the most powerful and flexible ways to scan a document.

Get advice from the experts:
Not sure how to proceed? How to set your filters? Ask our support team, they are highly experienced and can help you get it done right in no time.

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